Enel University outsources their forms management with IPSA’s Cloud Delivery solution

About the project

Enel University, the training structure of Enel, the largest energy group in Italy and the third in Europe in market capitalization, applied IPSA’s Cloud Delivery solution for the remote capture and processing of all attendance and training forms enelfilled in by their students.

Prior to the project, it was accomplished a forms redesign to optimize the process. It represented an important reduction on paper consumption as well as an improvement in the later data capture.

This project is a clear representation of a cloud service project for a business environment. Each year, about 25.000 forms are scanned from different Italian sites with this web scanning solution. Images are then automatically sent to a processing center in Spain where all information is completed and extracted with OCR and automated capture processes. All the information is then electronically sent back to Enel.

Installed Solution


Cloud Delivery allows scanning paper documents anywhere, with universal Twain scanners or multifunction machines, and ensure the complete traceability of the documents processed, guaranteeing their electronic delivery.

Thus, many different type of documents are electronically processed, indexed and can be accessed anywhere, worldwide, by internet.

The workflow and tools included on Cloud Delivery classify each document and route them to the appropriate processing center, according to the workflows defined for each document type.

Finally, all images are stored in an online repository where they can be searched, and accessed for different simultaneous people. This information (data, images and documents) can be exported to data management or document management platforms.


  • Reduction on the problems, risks, exceptions and costs derived from handling paper documents.
  • Benefit from the cloud advantages (agility, infrastructure independence and immediate communications) in a business environment.
  • Increase efficiency and security in the admission of paper documents in the process and their exportation to document or management platforms.
  • Cloud secure access to automated mass data capture services and their processed data by Intranet/Internet.

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