Banco Santander Brasil and Banco Real unify the processing of payment documents in a single platform

About the project

Since 2002 IPSA collaborates with its Atril platform in the image processing of documents for Grupo Santander Brasil, one of the largest Private Banks in Brazil.

The terms truncation or immediate clearing, based on the capture of the check image, is now a reality and a trend worldwide. Actually many countries are removing physical clearing of documents, speeding up the clearing process.

At the beginning of 2009, FEBRABAN (Brazilian Banking Federation) defined for the Brazilian Clearing System, the requirements and processes that will rule the “Check Truncation Process”, on what meant a mayor change in the processing of checks on this country.

Banco Santander Brasil entrusted IPSA to adapt the installed platform to make it compliant with the new regulations. This was a mayor challenge for the Bank, as it had to meet strict time periods and requirements coming from the headquarters, while they should keep up with the excellent standards of service and processes that are an integral part of them. All of this, reaching the technical and processing standards required by FEBRABAN.

According to this adaptation, from November 2009, the check clearing system on São Paulo was unified for both banks in a single site, where more than 1.4 million checks are processed every day, with peak processing volumes exceeding that amount. Additionally, in order to perform a check clearing based only on information transmitted electronically, several phases of the truncation project has been implemented.


  • São Paulo state checks are scanned and ready for the start of the check truncation project.
  • The signature control of all São Paulo checks has been centralized so branches are free from performing this task and the paper checks are not moved physically among branches.
  • Branches can search and retrieve online the image of checks, allowing them to immediately print copy of checks for bank customers.

Atril is a solution compliant with all requirements defined by FEBRABAN regulations, as well as a starting point for a scalable solution that eases image technology adoption in other banking processes, according to the movements on the development of regulations mad by official institutions in other clearing processes.

Atril it is been used throughout Latin America, where the truncation has been defined and implemented, demonstrating their leadership in the banking industry.

About IPSA

IPSA develop cloud solutions for document capture and document administration on critical business processes.


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