Remote Check Scanning with Cloud Check

About the project

Santander Mexico Bank, continuing their improvements on tasks automation in their corporate network, started Digital Check project in 2007, with the aim to optimize their check processing operations. This project was addressed both the bank staff and their customers.

After considering different solutions, the bank decided to implement IPSA’s Cloud Check solution as its design fulfilled all requirements on security, scalability, innovation and integration with the bank’s corporate systems.


Cloud Check, a solution fully compliant with Mexican clearing system, was implemented to capture and process all documents to be cleared.

The solution was adapted to the Bank’s needs to centrally process all paper documents as well as check images received from branches. There were two phases on the implanting the solution:

  1. Backoffice phase: Addressed to improve process operative with remote scanning of checks deposited at branches.
    Paper documents were sent to regional centers where they were scanned and processed with Cloud Check.
    Later on, data and images were sent to the bank centre located at Queretaro, where Cloud Check sent them to the clearing house. All check images stored in repository were uploaded to a Banco Santander Mexico application so the bank staff can search and retrieve them, according to the user permissions.
  2. This phase, was addressed to corporate customers and includes a set of web applications to process checks issued to customers as a payment for their products.
    This service was defined for customers with a high volume of check-based transactions called Corporate Deposits.
    They were accessed through the banks website with user/password credentials.The service allow the Bank’s customer to scan checks for Banco Santander México and other national bank accounts, in several currencies, as well as checks for USA bank accounts.

With this application, the user can perform the following operations:

  • Check Deposit. It allows to scan and send checks issued in US dollars or in Mexican pesos
  • Search and retrieve deposits. Customers can check the status of their deposited checks (in progress, processed, etc.)
  • Search and retrieve returned checks, both checks from Santander Mexico as from other banks.
  • Payment confirmation. To prevent fraud, customers can confirm if checks issued for their accounts were paid or not


  • Efficiency. Resource and time optimization. It also improves operations and functionalities on check processing.
  • Versatility. The first application working simultaneously with two currencies (Mexican pesos and US dollars)
  • Improved security. A solution that is fully compliant with clearing regulations. It also includes automatic verification and validation systems to prevent fraud.
  • Scalability. Based on Atril technology, it allows adding functionality depending on the bank’s needs.
  • Cost reduction. Reduction or removal of transportation, equipment and physical storage costs, as the information is accessible on the corporate systems.
  • Better customer service. Faster and more autonomous operations. It works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

About IPSA

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