Santander-Banespa processes two million checks a day using IPSA’s Check Processing solution

About the project

In Brazil, this powerful banking group has implemented IPSA’s Check Processing solution to:

  • Remotely digitize documents from hubs and send the images in an electronic format for centralized processing.Banespa
  • Receive the images from the various hubs and process more than 2 million checks a day; an automated task which can be performed in just 4 hours using Check Processing.

With this system, Santander-Banespa also:

  • Eliminates the cost of outsourcing the processing of checks deposited in ATMs.
  • Reduces processing times.
  • Integrates processing hubs with the main clearing house.
  • Provides clients with an instant copy of the check.

The Santander Banespa project consisted of adapting Check Processing to the Brazilian check clearing system and to the bank’s need for centralized processing of physical documents and electronic images received from hubs and branches.

The project covered all documents requiring clearing: cashier’s checks, major clients, post-dated check, returned checks, etc.

Installed equipment - clearing facility:

  • Eight 1600 dpm sorters.
  • 115 terminals with optical recognition, recording, proof of deposit, workflow, and signature verification.
  • 9 Servers with IIS (Internet Information Service), AD (Active Directory), backup and database.
  • One 3 terabyte image storage device with online access.
  • One 5 terabyte image storage robot with nearline access.

Installed equipment – the 8 hubs:

  • One 600 dpm sorter.
  • Two 200 dpm sorters.
  • 2 terminals with optical recognition and workflow.
  • 2 servers with IIS (Internet Information Service) and AD (Active Directory).

Check Processing, is an innovative solution based on the Atril® technology which incorporates proprietary technology for the processing of images, optical recognition, production workflow, and production management utilities such as workflow monitors, statistics, etc.

The need to ensure information security and integrity requires the use of two different environments:

  • Firstly, IPSA installs the application in a homologation environment where integration tests are run on the bank’s devices (hardware and software) and corporate systems.
  • After homologation by Santander-Banespa, operations are moved into the production environment where processed documents are sent to the clearing house in real time.
  • The results and the advantages of Check Processing speak for themselves:

Testimonials from managers of the Santander-Banespa Group:

“The efficiency of this project can already be seen in the Santander Brazil branches in the state of São Paulo. A year ago these branches were responsible for verifying the signature and format of checks. Now, that work is centralized, thanks to the integration of the new imaging system, as well as signature and power of attorney capabilities”.

José Ângelo Aiza, Clearing Manager

“We work with state-of-the-art software and equipment to provide the best possible service. We have taken a great leap forward in technology and quality. Both our branches and our internal departments will benefit from this technology”.

James Navarro, Organization and Methods Manager

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