Corporate Information

In IPSA, we develop cloud solutions for document capture and management on critical business processes. Our solutions automate processes related to documents, secure and efficiently, to ensure the capture, validation, cleanising and traceability of data.

The following processes are automated with our solutions by our customers:

Our solutions, that can be deployed on premise or in the cloud, are designed on a flexible and modular technology, for a professional, massive and secure application of document scanning, OCR, electronic records import/export, document management, production workflow as well as security and traceability for documents, data and users.

These solutions, installed in more than 10 countries in Europe and America, can process several million documents per day on each site.

Each day, more than 2 million paper documentas are being processed worldwide with IPSA’s technology and solutions.

Foundend in 1983, IPSA is headquartered in Spain, and has facilities in ArgentinaBrazil and Puerto Rico.

Investigación y Programas, S.A (IPSA)
Agustín de Foxá, 20 – 28036 Madrid
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