Help us build a more sustainable world

IPSA’s core business is the development of technologies that convert paper documents into digital files.medio ambiente

Digitization saves your enterprise time and money and also helps conserve natural resources and protect the environment.

For example: do you know what it takes to produce a ton of paper?

  • 17 trees (2,385 Kg of cellulose)
  • 100 m3 of water
  • 7,600 kW of energy

Every wasted sheet of paper degrades our environment a little more...

By converting physical documents into digital documents:

  • We reduce the amount of paper used by enterprises.
  • We avoid printing and photocopying the same document over and over again.
  • We can access documents from various sites without having to physically move from one place to another (saving energy and fuel).
  • We obviate the need to keep physical archives with the consequent energy saving in lighting, air conditioning, physical handling of documents, etc.
  • We help your enterprise meet the environmental sustainability principles and standards required by your sector and to implement your corporate social responsibility policies.

About IPSA

IPSA develop cloud solutions for document capture and document administration on critical business processes.


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