Mercedes Benz chooses IPSA’s technology for invoice processing in Europe

Invoice Processing

Initial Situation

Mercedes Benz receives invoices from providers located in 13 different countries. Data from each invoice was manually processed in the origin country, so they could be included in their corporate systems to be accessed by the Group.

To automate this process, Mercedes Benz delegated the invoice scanning and processing, on an outsourced model centralized in Spain. With IPSA’s technology, the invoice information is integrated in the correct data format into their systems.


Mercedes Benz uses Invoice Processing solution from IPSA to automate the reception, capture, treatment and  storage of more than 480.000 invoices received each year from their providers.

Countries scanning their invoices send the data and images to the processing center in Spain with Cloud Invoice solution, an IPSA’s solution for remote capture.

At the processing center, paper invoices are received from non-scanning countries and scanned to be included in the processing managed by IPSA’s Invoice Processing solution. This software automatically sorts all invoices by country and set automatic controls by country and type of invoice. This eases the search and retrieval of imaged invoices, assigning each invoice a unique univocal identification number.

Thus, the manual processing of invoice code bars and critical data is replaced by scanning, shortening the payment process, and its inclusion on corporate systems. It also improves the track of the workflow as well as searches and retrievals of documents.

At present, they’re being processed invoice received from 13 European countries – Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Poland, Greece, Italy – as well as USA and Canada.

The high volume of invoices to be processed, as well as the wide range of document templates received, force to find a massive solution, nut just a departmental solution, as documents were received from multiple providers an different countries.

For a successful project, IPSA’s technology solved some critical issues on managing non structured documents as supporting:

  • Wide rage of invoice templates (with different casuistry )
  • More the 7 languages
  • Different currencies
  • Several types of VAT rates
  • Amounts rounded up/down
  • Need to scan tickets
  • Manuscripted invoices


With Invoice Processing solutions for invoice processing automation, Mercedes Benz gained the following benefits:

  • Invoices automatically sorted by issuing company.
  • Faster and more effective solution as manual handling is removed from the process.
  • Maintenance and integration with corporate systems.
  • Resources optimization.
  • Internal process optimization by replacing paper documents by their images.
  • Savings and possibility to reuse resources for multiple documents.


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