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management and transformation

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Our Cloud solutions are based on our software platform, Atril®. This technology has been designed and developed by IPSA to transform paper documents into digital files.

Atril® includes advanced software tools to orchestrate the automation of digization processes and to guaratee the correct document management with the highest security standards.



  • Production scanning
  • Remote capture from origin point
  • Import electronic objects
  • Image quality routines



  • Integrate all documents received from different places.
  • Controlled delivery to destination.
  • Preprocessing activities.



  • Mass and scalable repository.
  • Safe storage
  • High performance operations.


Web activity

Anytime, anywhere, all documents can be sent, processed, and retrieved through web activities.


Atril on the cloud

Atril, includes models, elements and services specially designed for companies that want to upload their documents and contents to the cloud.

Now, there is no need to purchase a software to use a technology, Atril, that will optimize your document processes.


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Scan your check though your smarthphone
and magage them with Cloud Check !



Scan your contracts anywhere in the world
and manage them on your headquaters
with Cloud Delivery .

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 Secure, efficient and automated invoice
(and assimilated documents) processing
with Invoice Processing .


We automate document management and handle a wide range of devices as scanners, multifunction machines, mobile devices, etc.

Everyday, more than 2 million documents are being automatically transformed with IPSA's technology.

Worldwide, leading companies and public organizations process their contracts, invoices, delivery notes, payment and business documents with Atril.

About IPSA

IPSA develop cloud solutions for document capture and document administration on critical business processes.


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