Certified Digitalization

Convert your invoices, forms, files and other business documents in useful information for your company and your information systems

  • Atril v4 DC scan automatically and efficient information content in physical and electronic documents ensure high quality along the process.
  • Cost reduction resulting of electronics document process is bigger in distributed digitalization that allows Atril. This digitalization allows scanning and sending document’s images from remote locations through an Internet connection and a browser. 
  • During the whole process is guaranteed the highest security level because at every time is ensure the traceability of information. For example, we know when and who has scanned a particular image, in which stage of process is it or who has consulted the image.



Massive processing

Atril v4 DC is specifically designed to manage big document volumes. Aimed to work with sets, its robustness, scalability, ergonomic, and management tools and production monitoring makes this solution a specially valuable tool for companies that need to manage big quantities of documents as part of their business processes.

Remote capture

Documentation generated in geographical remote offices from the process center is not a problem since through Atril web digitalization it is possible to digitalize any type of document and directly include it into the workflow.


Atril v4 DC provides automatic and assisted controls, which assure optimum quality level during the whole process: re-digitalization of illegible images, double recording of critical fields, cross validations or assisted matching of quantities

Certifies Digitalization and Electronic signature

Thanks to digital signature you can scan invoices from your suppliers and store just their images, destroying paper invoices

Web search

Access to the information is carried out in function of the permissions of each user and can be done through the Internet or Intranet from anywhere at anytime.

Automatic template generation

As the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processes documents of a certain type, it learns the structure to automatically construct its own template and improving up to 40% the automatic field recognition.

Integration of business application

Atril v4 DC allows exporting all of the obtained data in the digitalization to applications that the company already has available for online running and validation, for example.



  • Reduction of errors when eliminating manual management of documents.
  • Lower costs thanks to distributed document capture.
  • Elimination of paper invoices.
  • Elimination of physical files.
  • Optimize infrastructures in cost and resources.
  • Environmental benefits thanks to the lesser use of paper.


  • Reduction in management and process time.
  • Work on the image instead of on the physical document.
  • Reduction in access time for information search.
  • More accessible information.
  • Preserve data and images in a legal and secure way.
  • Faster decision making.
  • Increase in productivity after improving processes between departments.
  • Improved client relationship.
  • Tracking of information managed by the company.


  • Scalable in function of the needs of the client.
  • Integration with other business applications.
  • Ready for centralized or distributed environments.
  • Proved high performance.
  • Interoperability (Windows, Linux, and Java).
  • Simple to operate.
  • Security mechanisms such as digital signature, time stamp, or access to the system.

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