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Remote deposit capture from scanners,
check scanners, tablets or smartphones

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Cloud Check

Cloud Check is a solution that allows the customers from financial organizations to deposit their paper checks, remotely and securely, so they can be sent to the processing required for the clearing from scanners, tablets or smartphones.

Our solution allows:

  • check scanning
  • search and retrieve all deposited checks and their images
  • check their status and confirm the payment of issued checks
  • improving the security of the process

Cloud Check allows to develop new strategies to attract and retain customers and to act on new markets, by unifying in a single channel all entry points of customers's checks: individuals, corporate, SMBs, branches, retailers and ATMs.

An integral technology platform, front-to-end, to unify the remote deposit capture from all entry channels (mobile phones, tablets, ATMs, scanners) and to integrate them with check capture platforms as Check Processing, an IPSA's solution for Check Proceesing, with a total guarantee on security, tracking and delivery.




Realiable and secure

  • Capture and processing technology proved on mass remote financial systems.
  • Data exchanged by a secure server, unique user login, signed images and confirmation SMS.


User focused

  • A usable and intuitive solution, that can scan a check or search your latest deposited check in just three steps.
  • In real time, the user can deposit his check when and where he decides. The content configuration and presentation is done on the user requirement.


  • A receipt of each operation is submitted to the user so he can check anytime the statuos of his deposits.
  • The solutions allows the user to keep several accounts and select to which one he is going to deposit the check.
  • A solutions avaliable to different scanning devices as scanners, check scanners, tablets and smartphones


  • Integration with IPSA solutions for application development and data minning on the repository.



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  • Value added services for customers.
  • Drive sales activities and open new channels to contact your customers.
  • Improve the quality of your services and increase your levels of customer attraction and retention.
  • Increase your market share.
  • Provide new sources of income.


  • Release human resources in branches to assign them to sales activities.
  • Reduce processing costs.
  • Decrease your TCO (in infrastructure and training).


  • Agile transactions between the organization and their customers.
  • Increase the deposit time-slots and deposit activities.
  • Easy and fast access to documents.


  • Fraud reduction.
  • Improve transactions security.
  • Trace all information during the process.proceso.


  • A common technology platform for all elements and points of capture.
  • Web technologies allow a fast rollout and distribution of new features.
  • Increase your online resources. It can integrate with online banking platform.
  • Maximize the use of mobile devices and communications.
  • Compatible with Check Processing, a solution used by key financial organizations to capture and process their payment documents.

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