Cloud Contract Administration

Electronic, secure, online processing and administration of contracts and associated documents

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Cloud Contract Administration

Cloud Contract Administration allows to automate business processes depending on files by efficiently using document technology, and gaining a complete control of the whole life cycle of your files.

This solution transforms paper files into electronic ones and centralizes all incoimng information in a single electronic file. With Cloud Contract Administration you can manage the file cycle in a web and collaborative environment that includes: 

  • Several physical and electronic entry channels
  • Automated or assisted information processing
  • Document management of documents associated to each file
Besides, Cloud Contract Administration can interact with your corporate systems though web integration methods.


Business improvement

  • Increase visibility of business processes.
  • Shorter time to market on campaigns.
  • Commitment to your customers Adaptable SLAs.
  • Accurate and available information for a more efficient customer care.

More agile

  • New high performance backoffice operative for a continued work.
  • Designed to process high volume of information.
  • Reduce processing time derived from paper documents
  • Integrates corporate information from different sources and systems.

Improve Optimization

  • Less processing costs Increase centers and processes concentration.
  • Reduce errors on document handling and information processing.
  • It can transform your fixed cost into variable ones for each document or file.

cloud contract administration

Success Stories

caso cloud contract

Important financial institution automates your files of Retail Banking
(Text in spanish)

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cloud contract2

Case management on contracts of new financial products by SMBs and individuals with Cloud Delivery and Cloud Contract Administration

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