Cloud Delivery

Secure scanning and intelligent document delivery, completely guaranteed

With Cloud Delivery you can send paper documents electronically, ensure their delivery at 100% and guarantee the tracking of the whole delivery process.

Documents are scanned from multiple entry points, and automatically classified and routed according to your process rules and flows. Then your documents will be available in the cloud, identified and secure, to be processed online fast and easely.

Cloud Delivery allow your customers, partners and employees to use common devices as smartphones, tablets, MFP and scanners to digitize the content and data needed to automate your business processes.

Cloud Delivery is powered by IPSA’s document technology to send those content to your corporate systems or to other IPSA’s solutions (cloud or centralized solutions) for a backend processing.


Cost reduction and resource optimization

  • Reduce your courier and processing costs.
  • Optimize your imaging infrastructure.

Agile and accurate decission making

  • Globalized process. Exchange content among distant ponts in your processing flow, without geographic barriers.
  • Instant information delivery.
  • Improve your operations performance.
  • Faster response to your customers, partners and providers.

Competitive differentiation

  • Improve service quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Improve security and regulation compliance.
  • Incorporate your customers to your processes and expand your contracting channels.
  • Images can be the base to launch new innovative services, to improve the process or provide information for new businesses.
  • An infrastructure that will allow you really differentiate from your competitors with a lower responsiveness.

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