Check Processing

Transforms paper checks to data and images for electronic compensation

Check Processing, based on Atril technology, allows process automation of pay ment documents that require a daily clearing, and that involve to process large volume of documents complying with regulations of finantial institutions.

This solution, facilitates the coexistence of centralized and remote processes and ensures its efficiency and cost reductions.

Check Processing solution is compliant with the standards of main financial regulatory bodies in Spain and America. It meets all the requirements for check clearing based on images.

This ensures an improvement on productivity as well as cost and time reductions on processing payment documents.

Thanks to IPSA’s document technology, banks can use mass processing solutions compliant with all legal and corporate requirements, as well as reduce fraud on those types of documents.



  • A single platform for all clearing processes:
    • Out-Clearing
    • In-Clearing
    • Out Clearing Returns
    • In-Clearing Returns
    • On-us checks
    • On-us Returns
  • Supporting different scanning devices as check scanners, scan-sorters and ATMs.


  • Secure admission of documents from different remote points
  • Includes digital signature
  • Image integrity and univocal indentification guaranteed
  • Includes real time document monitoring
  • Access to information according to user permissions

Mutiple institutions

  • Sending/receiving can be configured according to institution and process
  • Centralized or distributed processes
  • Bandwith optimization on data transmissions


  • Designed for a high processing volume
  • Needs based module implementation
  • Unlimited growth


  • Customizable application
  • New processes can be set up gast and unlimited

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