Benefits Check Processing

Business Optimization

  • Specialized on processed focused on business
  • Remove duplicities on operations among organizations
  • Improve quality, security and process efficiency
  • Reduce costs derived from paper handling (archival, handling, courier, etc.)
  • Staff and cost reductions due to backoffice automation

Security and Regulations

  • Information trace and access according to user profiles
  • Image digital signature
  • National regulation compliance for different countries
  • Improved security with complete trace, confidenctiality, access control and authentification
  • Improved fraud protection

Agility and Accesibility

  • Agile transactions between institutions and their customers
  • No need to hand a paper document to be cashed
  • Faster internal processes, compared with traditional systems
  • Quick and easy information access
  • Processed documents can be exported in required formats, and they can be retrieved and rectified anytime

About IPSA

IPSA develop cloud solutions for document capture and document administration on critical business processes.


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