Data Quality

 data quality




  • Extract and validate data from paper documents with correction codes, in less than a second.
  • Reduce processing time in more than 80%

(REAL data from REAL customers)



Excellent recognition rates with a configurable OCR for an automated document classification and recognition:

  • identification (identity cards, passports, etc.);
  • Economic activity (taxes, pay-slip, etc.);
  • Direct billing, etc.


Easy integration

  • Based on web starndards (SOAP web services), you can easily integrate this technology with your corporate systems or with third party solutions.

OCR and document technology for your data quality automation

ahorro costes

Cost reduction

  • Replace paper pouch and mails with electronic bag/communications with a guarantied and tracked delivery.
  • Reduce or remove your back office for documents processing.
  • Reduce processing errors caused by wrong data.


Increase income

  • You will have the right data for commercial and marketing activities. 
  • Improve the quality service perceived by your customers.
  • Identify incidents to improve quality or profitability of your products.


Regulation compliance

  • With the quality assurance, you will comply with sector regulations (Basel III, Solvency II, Sabarnex Oxley, and other local regulations for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing).

Regulations compliance, data quality and customer satisfaction improved, cost reduced and income increased with a single application.


About IPSA

IPSA develop cloud solutions for document capture and document administration on critical business processes.


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