Business oriented process consulting

Our solutions improve efficiency and effectiveness of business transactions, by removing or redesigning costly, redundant or time-resources consuming tasks.

Everyday, our senior consultants help different companies, worldwilde, with their knowledge and experience to get the document automation process bring the best improvements to their business:

  • Optimize financial transactions.
  • Reduce operative costs.
  • Strenghen internal controls.
  • Increas visibility.
  • Reduce time to improve services to customers, providers and business lines.
  • Maximize cash flow.


Consulting areas

Business Development Area

  • Best practices in the use and operation of document technologies
  • Glogal implantation strategy
  • Processes and business forms reengineering
  • Workflows management
  • Improvements on operators productivity

Technical Area

  • Feasibility studies
  • Dimensioning and scalability for the imaging infrastructure
  • Technical optimization
  • Infrastructure maintenance procedures

About IPSA

IPSA develop cloud solutions for document capture and document administration on critical business processes.


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